Micromotor FUE 

In hair transplantation according to the FUE method (follicular unit extraction), hair follicle groups are loosened one by one with the help of a hollow needle (approx. 0.65 mm to 1.0 mm diameter) in the area of ​​the hair follicle and then removed. There is no significant bleeding, since no scalpel is used.

The advantages of FUE:

- The operation will be performed under local anesthesia, not general one, so the patient can resume daily activates directly after the procedure

- No hard surgical instruments

- Does not leave any scars or stitches on the head

- Completely painless

Transplant procedure
  1. The preliminary discussion: An initial consultation,your hair situation is first carefully assessed. Start the registration process in the clinic which guarantees your rights with us. Doing the necessary blood analyses and studying their results. Filling forms which are important to clarify the needed medication after the operation. Shaving the head and sterilizing the donor area.

  2. Removal: First, the removal site is stunned locally. Thereafter, the hair follicle groups consisting of 1-4 hairs are removed with a thin hollow needle. This is completely painless. Because of the fine technique it comes to a very fast wound healing. After extraction and control, the hair roots are transplanted directly into the bald spots. This results in an extremely natural result.

  3. The insertion of the hair: With the help of small hollow needles and / or thin micrometers, implantation channels are introduced into the area to be treated. Subsequently, the follicular units are transplanted piece by piece into the created channels, with the help of special tweezers. It is important that the transitions to the existing hair are as natural as possible. After completion of the transplant, the whole area is checked for completeness and correct placement of the transplants and sealed with a biological glue.

  4. From the date of the operation: After 2 weeks the new hair might fall. That is normal and there is no need for worry. After 3 months the new hair starts growing but with moderate result. After 6 months you will start seeing good results. After 1 year you will have the final and best desired result.  

  5. Control: Even after the treatment, we remain in contact with you, in which we discuss the results of the treatment together. This usually happens after 8-12 months. In the meantime, we are always at your disposal by phone, e-mail or personally, if you have any questions or uncertainties.

PRP Treatment

Your own blood against hair loss

The fact is that hair problems such as increased hair loss, bald spots or a fleeing hair attachment are an aesthetic disorder and often a mental strain. Nowadays, there are fortunately a variety of methods to tackle hair loss. As a promising success, the PRP hair root treatment has established itself, which with natural blood stop the hair loss and help the hair to new density.


Flow of the PRP 

The PRP self-care therapy is used in various medical fields. In the area of ​​hair medicine and hair surgery in particular, PRP has a positive effect on hair growth, regeneration and thickness growth of the hair. The PRP hair root treatment is based on the knowledge that a sufficient supply of the hair roots with the necessary nutrients is the prerequisite for a healthy hair growth. PRP stands for "platelet rich plasma", English for platelet-rich or thrombocyte-rich blood plasma. This concentrate is extracted from the patient's own blood and injected into the scalp to build up and strengthen the hair root. PRP works as an independent treatment as well as in combination with other haemosurgery measures such as the self-hair transplant.

PRP hair loss treatment

Those who suffer from hair loss can naturally stimulate their growth with PRP. If the PRP-active ingredient is injected into the regions affected by hair loss, hair loss can be permanently stopped and the hair can be dented again. The stem cells of the blood build up the hair roots biologically and contain growth factors, which stimulate cell renewal. Often the treatment is repeated up to 3 times within short intervals in order to strengthen the growth effect and to heat it in the long term. To maintain the result, it is also recommended to rejuvenate the PRP hair loss treatment annually with one session. Combination PRP with hair transplant The regenerative effect of the body-borne blood concentrate PRP is also used in a hair transplant. While natural blood in the early stages of hair loss can produce visible successes, hair transplants are usually the only way to stop already advanced hair loss. If PRP is performed into the head regions to be treated before and after the hair transplant, the plasma concentrates the hair growth, accelerates and improves the results of hair transplantation. Overall, the blood supply is increased in the treatment region, so that the hair follicle environment is regenerated and the cell growth is increased.

Homeopathic Support

Reliable effective against hair loss with Hairline tablets and special shampoo


Hairline is effective for diffuse hair loss. It contains a unique formula of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and plants 

  • Hair loss significantly reduced

  • Healthy hair growth

  • The hair quality improved

  • The hair strengthens

How to use Hairline:

Cells are one of the most active cells in the human body. If the growth of each hair is aligned with each other, 30 m of hair are formed per day over the entire head. Hairline provides the hair roots with a variety of substances, which are important for the formation of new hair cells. 

Our specially developed formula with pure vegetable ingredients shows its effect after a very short time.

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